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Mailbag: Using Lucky To Send A Message? Awuzie's Chances To Start?

With the release of Lucky Whitehead for alleged larceny, can anyone please explain how the front office is not setting a double standard? I understand that the other guys (Wilson, Carroll, Elliott) on the team that have recently had off-field issues are bigger parts of the team and therefore harder to let go, but what kind of message does cutting Lucky actually send?

Bryan: It's not a message because they had already grown tired of all his issues. Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett said so much when they offered that in their reasoning. I don't believe this was a reaction to anything other than that. 

David:You're making a mistake if you're thinking of this as a message. Lucky was the No. 5 wide receiver, and he had been a headache on multiple occasions – think back to the missed meeting last season, not to mention the car wreck that he didn't tell the team about. That's way too much drama coming from a guy on the fringe of your roster. The decision to cut Lucky has no bearing on anything that happens with anyone else.

With Chidobe Awuzie splitting time as both a cornerback and safety, do you think his chances of starting are going to increase? Seems like he's up against Jeff Heath at safety or Anthony Brown/Nolan Carroll at cornerback and all three of those guys seem like locks.

Bryan: They're going to find spots for Awuzie and Jourdan Lewis in this scheme. I expect we will see both start out in sub packages like nickel and dime stuff. If those looks improve and they can handle more, then that's when you will see them push guys like Carroll and Heath for their jobs -- but they have to prove they can do that first. 

David:The great thing about modern football is the amount of specialization it allows for. I honestly don't expect Awuzie to start at the outset of the season, but there's plenty he'll be able to contribute in sub packages – whether it's as a nickel or dime back, or as an extra safety. The Cowboys love to use extra defensive backs, and Awuzie will likely be the first guy into the game in those situations.


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