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Mailbag: Veteran Leadership Next Season? Anthony Brown's Role In 2017?


Anthony Brown had his ups and downs as a rookie corner last year. With the talk of the Cowboys maybe going to the draft or free agency to help solidify the secondary, do the Cowboys look at Anthony potentially being a big part of the defense moving forward? Or does this all depend on the future of Morris Claiborne or Brandon Carr this offseason?

Rob: The Cowboys were very pleased with how Brown – a sixth-round pick with no slot experience in college – stepped in when Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick missed time with injuries. We'll see what happens with Claiborne and Carr, who are set to be unrestricted free agents, but Brown did start nine games this season and I think he showed potential to start full time as he gets more experience. Corners are a little like pass rushers, though – you can never have enough to combat the multi-receiver sets in today's NFL.

David: I thought Brown was phenomenal, considering he was a sixth-round rookie pressed into playing time by injuries. He wasn't spectacular, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find a game where he was genuinely exposed as a weakness. Whatever happens in free agency and the draft, I expect Brown to have a big role in 2017 as one of this team's top four corners. I wouldn't even be surprised if he claimed a starting job.


With the youth movement on the Cowboys' roster, do you think there will be enough veteran leadership in the locker room, especially if guys like Tony Romo, Brandon Carr, Barry Church aren't here next season?

Rob:Well, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott technically will be veterans next season, right? The experience they got this season was invaluable. I'd be surprised if all three of the players you mentioned (Romo, Carr, Church) aren't here next year, but we'll see. Even if that happens, the roster still has plenty of veteran leadership. Start with the offensive line. Jason Witten, Sean Lee, Orlando Scandrick. Plenty of players with experience. But Prescott and Elliott seemed like vets even as rookies and they'll continue to progress.

David: For every Tony Romo, Brandon Carr and Barry Church, there's a Jason Witten, a Sean Lee, a Tyron Smith, a Travis Frederick – and yes, even a Dak Prescott. This is a fun, energetic roster, but it certainly doesn't lack for leaders and guys who set the tone. I'm not worried about it.

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