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Mailbag: What About Joseph Randle?; Hardy's Long-Term Future?

Is it me, or lately everyone has been forgetting about Joseph Randle? If I remember correctly, he was really good in the small sample size we got to see last year, in my opinion a lot of folks have been jumping the gun thinking that D-Mac is gonna be the starter in case we are not able to get good value via the draft, your thoughts?

Bryan: There is no doubt that Randle came on to the scene last year in much better physical shape and it showed in his play. The problem with Randle is, can you trust him to do the things necessary -- not only on the field, but off? In my opinion, Joseph Randle still needs to grow up and the fact that this front office is working on drafting a running back is all that you need to know about what they think as well.

David:With two legal run-ins in the last six or so months, I'm just not sure that Randle has earned anyone's trust to be counted on as a prominent member of the offense. We still haven't heard any kind of resolution about the case he was involved in up in Kansas. If he can earn his way back into the coaching staff's good graces, there'll definitely be room for him in the backfield. I wouldn't trust him enough to let it deter me from drafting a running back, though.


If Hardy's suspension holds up, does that help the Cowboys' chances of bringing him back next year? Considering if they even want to bring him back. Because we all know if he has a good year this year he most likely won't be back.

Bryan: I think you answered your own question. I am almost positive that Hardy will like playing for these defensive coaches but if he has a big year in the number of games that he plays, he is going to want to continue to be paid like one of the top defensive ends in football. The question then becomes will the Cowboys be willing to step up and make that happen – we will have to see. They are betting on the now because like you have said it is most likely he won't be back.

David:I like the idea, and it's interesting to think about. Let's say Hardy serves his 10-game suspension. That means he'll have spent the better part of two years on the sideline. If he struggles to produce right away and finished the 2015 season with modest numbers, it could affect his asking price in 2016 – especially when combined with his off-field history. The Cowboys should also add a decent amount of cap room. All of that said, all it takes is one team to decide Hardy is a must-have to drive the price up. I wouldn't say I'm optimistic that Greg Hardy has a long-term future in Dallas. But if he does, it might be under a scenario like the one you described.

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