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Mailbag: What Is Swaim's Role? Isaiah Battle's Potential Value?

*It seems like there's a questionable tight end selection every year and this one was no different.  We gave a future pick, although a late rounder, for Geoff Swaim with Hanna and Escobar sitting on the roster.  I guess I'm just trying to understand the sudden urgency to trade up to get someone of which you could get equal value from with an undrafted FA. *


Bryan: If you had a chance to sit down and have lunch with the offensive coaches, they would tell you that Swaim was one of their biggest surprises in these camps. I might not go as far as the coaches, but I will say that there are some traits that he has that are interesting. The misconception about his game is that he was a blocker only and that is not true. He played more inline "Y" at Texas and wasn't poor as a point-of-attack blocker. His ability to run routes and get down the field was also impressive in college, and in these practices you did see that. As far as the draft pick, you will get that sixth back next year and more in the compensatory rounds so don't get too worked up.

David:That was certainly one of the team's more surprising moves during the draft. I don't even have a problem with Swaim as a pick – moreso the situation it creates on this roster. If you traded away a pick to acquire Swaim, it seems silly to cut him five months later at the end of training camp. But they certainly won't cut Jason Witten, and it seems highly unlikely they'll cut Gavin Escobar or James Hanna? So do the Cowboys plan to carry four tight ends – and if so, does that mean they'll also carry a fullback? It'll be interesting to see how that plays out.


Isaiah Battle. If the Boys were to give up their fourth round pick for him, where do you see him playing? And if it's a backup role, why would he sign with the Boys?

Bryan: I don't see them drafting Isaiah Battle basically, because he is similar to what they already in Chaz Green -- but he will get drafted. He played left tackle while at Clemson and with some technique work as far as his body positioning, he would have a chance to work there. I wouldn't be surprised to see a club spend a third rounder on him. The off the field questions might cause him some issues but just grading the talent that's where I would take him.

David:I have a hard time believing they would spend a pick on him, given what they' already added to their offensive line. You've got to feel good about your depth at tackle right now, as Darrion Weems, Chaz Green and La'el Collins can all fill in behind Tyron Smith and Doug Free. But I assume he'd be looked at as a candidate to play swing tackle, with an eye on a starting job in the future.

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