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Mailbag: What Would You Do With Dez's Money? Re-Shuffling The Secondary?



Let's say the Cowboys do cut Dez to save on the cap, what exactly would they do with that money so late in free agency? Are there any players still left that the savings could bring here that would interest you?

Bryan:I'd consider trading for Earl Thomas. Use that money to try and get something done with him. Not likely something that would happen but it would surely help your team.

David:You don't want to hear this, but I don't think they'd do anything. If they make that move, it's more about the overall health of their cap and their roster than anything else. I think they'd draft a wide receiver and move on.



There has been a lot of talk about getting the best 5 five guys on the offensive line.  Why not take that same approach with the young secondary? To me, Heath has shown less is more and he is better with limited snaps.  What about Chidobe Awuzie and Xavier Woods as starting safeties with Jourdan Lewis, Byron Jones and Anthony Brown as the top corners?

Bryan:Awuzie looked pretty good at corner -- I wouldn't move him. If you want to limit Heath, then just draft a guy that's better or give Kavon Frazier a shot at the job. Moving all these guys around has accomplished little in my opinion.  

David:For starters, I don't think people give Heath enough credit. I don't think he needs fewer steps – I think he needs better talent in the secondary to help raise his level of play. A big key to that, in my opinion, would be leaving Chido at corner, because he looks like he could be a star there. I feel optimistic about Frazier and Woods at safety, but I'd like the front office to draft another safety to help bolster the overall talent back there.

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