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Mailbag: Where Is Dan Bailey's Confidence? Who Handles Byron's Old Role?



After the way last season ended, how does Dan Bailey look this year? Confident, I hope!

Bryan: I haven't seen Bailey kick a ball yet this OTA, so I can't speak from that standpoint. Physically he looks great. Says he feels great and is looking forward to getting back to being that consistent kicker we've seen throughout his career. 

David:We don't see a ton of the kicking duties at this point, but I'm not worried about Bailey just yet. He definitely ended the season on a down note, but he doesn't look like a guy who has let it affect him.



Do you think Byron Jones will continue to move inside to take away opposing TE's next season? Is it Jourdan Lewis who would fill his spot as an outside corner if/when he does?

Bryan: Jourdan Lewis did have a snap in OTAs Week 1 where he carried Dalton Schultz up the field and was able to out fight him for the ball. My hunch is that Jeff Heath will likely be responsible for those duties when they get in those packages. Jones' focus will be on the outside, carrying those receivers. 

David:I will be interested to see how this plays out. The coaches are bound to have a plan for the offseason program, but we'll see if it changes when we get into the live action. I think the Cowboys want Byron to focus on the outside for now, but it's encouraging to think that they have several versatile options if they need one.

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