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Mailbag: Who Benefits The Most From A Mincey Holdout?


Which player do you think will benefit the most with Jeremy Mincey's possible holdout?  Could it possibly be Ben Gardner, Jack Crawford, Ryan Russell or one of the other young players?  Your thoughts?*

Nick: Good question, and I think all of those guys will benefit. But let's not forget about Randy Gregory, who should get more reps with the first-team unit as well. I don't really think this "holdout" will last too long, but for the time being, I say they all get some work. As for the guys you mentioned, let's say Jack Crawford as the guy who gets more reps there.

Rob:Let's just see how long this situation lasts first, whether the Cowboys go ahead and give a salary bump to one of their solid veteran defenders or if Mincey decides he can't afford to get fined daily entering the final year of his contract. No matter how it plays out, it's hard to see this lasting too long. If it does, Randy Gregory would stand to get more reps with Greg Hardy at right end.


Did renegotiating Scandrick's contract open up a can of worms?

Nick: Probably so, especially since Scandrick got paid. Don't forget Scandrick's absences didn't cost him any money, though -- since he wasn't missing mandatory events. I also think Dez Bryant's contract affected this since the Cowboys indeed have more money on the cap. This was a strategic play and I think he'll end up getting a deal of some sort. He's on the last year of his contract and he's rather cheap so I'm sure the Cowboys will make sure to keep him.

Rob: I don't think so. This type of thing happens around the league. Mincey apparently would like some extra security after leading an undermanned defense, and maybe he presumes he has a little leverage with Hardy facing suspension after preseason. But the Cowboys like some of their talent at the backup end spots. For however long Mincey misses it'll be an opportunity to look at some other guys in camp, if you want to look at it that way.

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