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Mailbag: Worst-Case Scenario At No. 4? Best Spot For DeForest Buckner?


What is the worst-case scenario for the Cowboys at No. 4?  If Tunsil doesn't go No. 1, then will Ramsey and Jack come off the board sooner than expected? If Tunsil is available at No. 4 do we trade down?*

Bryan: I honestly don't believe there is a worst-case scenario. This team is going to get the player they want, whether it's Ramsey, Jack, Bosa, Elliott or maybe their quarterback. If Tunsil is there, he should be a consideration. I will say that there is a better chance of their phone ringing if he is.
David: The nice thing about picking this high is that I'm not really sure there's a "worst-case" scenario. Maybe Laremy Tunsil falls into their laps at No. 4 and maybe they trade the pick. Maybe they draft him and add another amazing offensive lineman to the roster. Maybe they draft a talented quarterback or a defender who is ready to start right away. Whatever happens, they're going to get a damn good player if they make the pick at No. 4. If they trade it away, it's a good bet they'll be well-compensated.

I keep reading that Dallas needs defensive ends. But would Dallas consider drafting DeForest Buckner at No. 4 and placing him at the three-technique (ala Jason Hatcher), sliding Tyrone Crawford to the base LDE and moving DeMarcus Lawrence to RE? Or is the size (Hatcher 6'6/299 lbs.) and (Buckner 6'7/291 lbs.) the only thing these two have in common?

Bryan: This is a well-thought-out question – Buckner doesn't have the initial quickness of Hatcher, so playing him inside like Hatcher will not be the same. My feeling is that they want to keep Crawford at three and work around him. He just not the same player outside. If they want a real three-technique they should consider Sheldon Rankins or Robert Nkemdiche.

David: I like Buckner more than most, but I have a hard time believing the Cowboys would move Tyrone Crawford away from three-technique, given that they just paid him $45 million to man that position. If Buckner was the pick, I think you'd probably see him move between multiple positions, which is a trait Rod Marinelli loves in his linemen – Jack Crawford, Greg Hardy and David Irving all come to mind as guys who did the same thing last year.


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