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Mailbag: Would The Cowboys Go After Hardy?; Working On Deals Besides Dez?

Given the draft position #27 would it not make more sense to pursue Greg Hardy and draft a defensive tackle to help rebuild the defense?

Bryan: There are so many hurdles to have to deal with if you want to sign Greg Hardy. I agree he is one of the most talented players in the NFL today, but you have no clue where this whole off-the-field situation is really going to fall now that it's in Roger Goodell's hands. I don't believe that Hardy is out of the woods yet, so you better be sure that all those questions have been answered before you go off throwing money at this guy.

David: I'd never want to rule anything out with this team, but it just doesn't seem like something the Cowboys would do given the way they've gone about building their roster in recent years. Hardy would bring a boatload of negative publicity with him, and he doesn't exactly strike me as the "right kind of guy" Jason Garrett preaches about so often. On top of that, despite the domestic violence allegations, I assume a pass rusher as good as Hardy is still bound to fetch a big price in free agency. I'm not sure it's the type of contract the Cowboys want to take on – but crazier things have happened.


My question kind of compounds off another question I've seen on this site earlier. You guys mentioned that the Cowboys probably wouldn't re-sign any free agents other than Dez until after free agency begins. Why is that and do you think that is the right approach? A lot of these "lesser" free agents played some critical roles on the team this year and I'm afraid that many will get better deals elsewhere and leave. One free agent that I value is Cole Beasley. How high of a priority do you think the Cowboys have in bringing him back? I haven't really heard anything much said about him.*

Bryan:Beasley is a restricted free agent. They will make him an offer and the club has the right to match it or take the draft choice so you are protected there. It's not that the front office is going to take their time on the other players but if those players get better offers than the club is willing to give – those guys are going to leave regardless no matter when the offers are made.

David: The thing you have to remember is that this is a two-way street. A lot of these guys – Rolando McClain and Bruce Carter, for instance – stand to earn substantial contracts, and they probably want to see what they're worth on the open market. It'd be bad business sense for them to sign a contract with the Cowboys before they see what else is out there. As for Beasley, the good news for Dallas is that he's a restricted free agent. The Cowboys are bound to make him an offer, and they will also be able to match any offer he gets from another team. Keep in mind also that we're still exactly a month out from free agency. There's still a lot of time for all these conversations to begin heating up.

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