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Mailbag: Zeke's Ranking Among All-Time Draft Picks? State Of The Defense?


Would you say that it is safe to say Zeke is the best player Dallas has ever drafted as far as immediate impact and talent?

Rob: Well, if you're going to place Zeke far up that list, you'd have to place Dak up there, too. What he's doing as a fourth-round pick at the game's most important position is nothing short of remarkable. As far as immediate impact as a rookie, Zeke is right there, but you do have to take into account all the great players in the history of this franchise. Hey, the Cowboys have won eight straight games for the first time since 1977, when a rookie by the name of Tony Dorsett rushed for 1,000 yards and helped them win the Super Bowl.

Bryan: This team has a great history of players selected - so say he's the greatest is not a reach but I don't think I could go there.


Is this team different than the 2007 team that went 13-3 and lost its first game in the playoffs? Is this defense a playoff defense?

Rob: The best comparison, to me, is the 2014 team that went 12-4 and won a playoff game. The Cowboys are winning the same way: great running game, super-efficient quarterback play, and timely stops on defense. I think this defense is good enough to win in the playoffs, yes – before Sunday, they had allowed an average of 17.5 points and no more than 23 in eight games. One issue is injuries, particularly in the secondary. Mo Claiborne and Barry Church are still out and Orlando Scandrick left the game Sunday with a head injury. We'll see about his status this week.

Bryan: I have my concerns about this defense especially with what has now happened at cornerback. On The Break today, Derek brought up an interesting point if they should consider moving Byron Jones back to corner and using Anthony Brown just in the nickel? That means that Jeff Heath would start at safety with Wilcox. It might be a way to get their best players on the field until Church and Claiborne return. 

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