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Prescott Limited in Practice Due to 'Shoe Issue'


FRISCO, Texas — Dak Prescott left practice a bit early on Thursday, leading to questions regarding any possible issues leading into the Cowboys regular-season opener against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday evening at AT&T Stadium.

The two-time Pro Bowl quarterback wasted no time putting any and all concerns to bed, however, being proactive in addressing the matter following practice.

"Honestly, I feel great," Prescott said, wearing a smile and warning of what was likely to come later in the afternoon before going on to explain why it's not a big deal.

"Something may come up in the [injury] report but you know that's this league, and if you don't report a hangnail you'll get suspended - or fined - but I feel great," said. "I still feel the best that I've felt in a long time. It's not even comparable to where I was last year going into this game. I'm honestly just excited and ready for Sunday to get here."

And so it went that Prescott was indeed added to said injury report with an ankle issue, something he knew would immediately conjure anxiety in a fanbase that saw him lose the majority of his 2020 season due to a compound fracture in the very ankle that caused him some discomfort on Thursday.

But, as it turns out, it wasn't his ankle that was the issue, at least not directly.

"Switched shoes today and that probably wasn't the best idea," he said. "So there you go, I'm good to go. I promise you. … It was a shoe [issue]. I was limited, but I'm good to go.

"I promise you, I'm great. It's a bionic ankle so we're fine."

Prescott battled some injury in 2021 as well when he suffered a strained shoulder muscle in the preseason that held him out of August work, but he then went on to throw 42 times for 403 yards and three touchdowns to just one interception against the very same Buccaneers who'll head into town on Sunday.

That said, Is there any chance at all Thursday's shoe issue could slow him on Sunday, though?

"No, no," said Prescott. "Not at all. Not a chance.

"... I actually wear new cleats every game, but it was really just a different style and different fit. Tried [it today] and quickly learned they won't [work]."

Prescott said he'll go back to the tried-and-true Jordan 1s for Friday and into game day, and he's hoping this time around the Cowboys won't be on the losing end of another Tom Brady victory, but that the shoe will instead - finally - be on the other foot.

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