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Prescott to Possibly Return vs. Lions: 'That's My Plan'


PHILADELPHIA — As the Dallas Cowboys head home to begin preparation for the Detroit Lions in Week 7, they'll have extra motivation after being defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday evening. It took a list of critical mistakes to lose to their bitter NFC East foe in enemy territory, headlined by three interceptions thrown by Cooper Rush; and the return of Dak Prescott looms large this week.

It was Rush's worst game as a starter but it followed a four-game win streak with the backup QB under center - a nod to Rush doing exactly what the Cowboys needed him to do in the absence of an injured Prescott.

"I never really never had any doubt the team wouldn't do what they did [in winning four of six games]," said Prescott on Sunday evening. "We've got a lot of pride on this team - the defense and I know what Cooper is capable of. Obviously, I'm disappointed I couldn't be with the guys these past five weeks or so. I'm excited to move forward and happy as hell we're in the position that we're in [at 4-2]."

After having thrown zero interceptions through his first four starts of 2022, the Eagles secondary teed off en route to a 26-17 victory at Lincoln Financial Field.

Prescott went through a rehab plan that included throwing 50 passes ahead of kickoff in Philadelphia, noting he feels "great" and "fantastic" after having done so, additionally drawing a red circle around the matchup against the Lions as his likely return date.

"That's my plan," he said. "Obviously, I gotta see the doc - gotta see them. But, yes, that's my plan. I plan on getting in my full week of practice."

It's a sentiment echoed by head coach Mike McCarthy.

"I thought Dak took the next step [in his recovery]," said McCarthy. "That's what we were looking for. He had a good day in the Saturday practice - in two sequences and in the 7-on-7 down in the red zone. … I feel like he took the next step. We'll get him in on [Monday] and see about him, and hopefully have a plan for him on Thursday."

For clarity, the Cowboys will only have a mock game on Wednesday with their first complete practice being on Thursday.

As for Prescott, it's all about the long game for the Cowboys, one Rush and the defense (and special teams) has set them up nicely to take advantage of.

"It's good being 4-2," he said. "I'm not too excited about the fact we just lost, but I'm excited that there's a long season ahead and we control everything in front of us."

And while having been forced to watch the bitter loss to the Eagles in Week 6, Prescott isn't overlooking any opponent in the Cowboys way this week or any to follow but, that said, he's also confident Dallas will be more whole and prepared for their rival when the two meet again on Christmas Eve.

"I'm one day at a time," he said. "I'm preparing myself for the Lions and getting ready to go this week. When the time comes for [the Eagles again] we'll be more than ready. Simply said."

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