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Power Rankings: NFC East Dominating Top 10


The Cowboys four-game winning streak was put to an end against the Eagles despite a furious second half comeback attempt. With Philly set to come to AT&T Stadium in December and Dak Prescott potentially in line for a return in Week 7, the Cowboys continue to trend in the right direction.

The loss did not set Dallas back far in the national power rankings, however. Each week we take a look to see how the Cowboys compare to the rest of the NFL, and here is what it looked like after Week 6.

Fox Sports: 1.) Buffalo Bills 2.) Philadelphia Eagles 3.) Minnesota Vikings 4.) Kansas City Chiefs 5.) New York Giants

8.) Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: No. 7)

"Cooper Rush finally ran up against a roadblock, but it's hard to fault the Cowboys too much for dropping a road game against one of the league's best teams. The defense played well, though maybe not up to its potential, against Philadelphia. And it helps to know that Dak Prescott's return from injury is finally on the horizon," – David Helman 1.) Buffalo Bills 2.) Philadelphia Eagles 3.) Kansas City Chiefs 4.) Minnesota Vikings 5.) Cincinnati Bengals

6.) Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: No. 10)

"It's time for Dak Prescott to rejoin the gang. Cooper Rush's run as an undefeated starting QB came to an unceremonious end on Sunday Night Football, as the Eagles picked off the Dallas passer three times in a 26-17 loss at the Linc. Rush struggled in new territory at QB1, playing from behind in a difficult road environment. The results weren't surprising, but Rush deserves credit for doing his part to keep the season afloat while Dak worked his way back from thumb surgery. Early reports point to a Prescott return this Sunday against the Lions," – Dan Hanzus

ESPN: 1.) Buffalo Bills 2.) Philadelphia Eagles 3.) Kansas City Chiefs 4.) Minnesota Vikings 5.) New York Giants

6.) Dallas Cowboys (Last Week: No. 5)

"First, I didn't get anything wrong. I thought the defense would be the strength. I thought the run game would be better than people thought. I didn't know they would win four straight games without Dak Prescott, and neither did anybody else not related to the franchise. Cooper Rush deserves a ton of credit for what he was able to do in Prescott's absence. He has earned a job as a backup in the NFL for however long somebody wants him to be a backup. He kept the season alive because there was nothing but doom and gloom after Prescott suffered a fractured thumb in the season opener. The Cowboys play Detroit and Chicago before heading into the bye week. If Prescott plays as expected, the Cowboys will be in the thick of the playoff chase," – Todd Archer

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