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Randall Cobb Produces Powerful Potential


(Editor's Note: Now that offseason practices are in full swing, let's get to know 30 Cowboys players who are new to the current 90-man roster. Today we continue the series with wide receiver Randall Cobb.)

How He Got Here:Randall Cobb spent eight seasons in Green Bay, and was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2011 NFL Draft out of Kentucky. Cobb left Green Bay with a tremendous amount of respect not only from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers fan base, but league-wide. He suffered a hamstring injury in the 2018 season but says he didn't have any problems throughout offseason workouts.

Bet You Didn't Know: Cobb holds the second longest kick return in NFL history. He returned a kick for 108 yards his rookie year. He held the record for two years until Cordarelle Patterson broke it in 2013 with a 109-yard return.

Quotable: "Randall's come here and done a great job. He's such an example of what a pro is, but he's also a really good pro. A lot of guys can be pro's, but when you're really good on top of it, it just lifts everybody up. That group is really good, and really explosive." – Quarterback coach, Jon Kitna

Bryan Broaddus' Take: There are two off season additions that I have really like from the Cowboys Pro Scouting Department. Trading for Robert Quinn I feel is going to be a really nice rotational piece for the defensive line. Tape shows me that there's still something left in the tank for him. I feel the exact same way about Randall Cobb and what he can do for this club. My feeling is that folks might have questions about due to Cobb's recent injury history but this is one of those sneaky that when we look back it had a direct result on the final record in a positive way. What has been impressive about Cobb since his arrival is how quickly he and Dak Prescott have adapted to each other. In those practices we in the media had the opportunity to view, the ball to Cobb even playing out of the slot is further down the field. We hadn't seen that from Cole Beasley and visually it looks different. Where I also appreciate the addition of Cobb is as a bad ball catcher. Passes in his direction don't have to be perfect and we all know with Prescott that's not always the case.

Role/Roster Chances: No secret on the roster chances, he's a lock for this season. But the role…that's to be determined. The leadership qualities Cobb carries go beyond the field, and I see him slipping into a leadership role for this group, whether he's trying to or not. Cobb possesses an incredible presence and aura about him and it carries onto the way he practices. Replacing Cole Beasley, he seems to be more of an up-field threat in his game than Beasley, and he and Dak Prescott have been working tirelessly to nail their chemistry before the start of this season.

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