Bryan Broaddus: Scout's Eye

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Scout’s Eye: Grading Tape On LVE, Jaylon & More

After that impressive defensive performance, Bryan Broaddus went back and studied the tape to see how the Cowboys gained an edge on the explosive Saints offense.
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Scout’s Eye: Can The Cowboys Control The Clock?

These are the two biggest keys to determining a winner in this much-anticipated showdown on Thursday night between the Cowboys and Saints.
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Scout’s Eye: Assessing The Secondary

After an outstanding effort on both sides of the ball, Bryan Broaddus sat down and reviewed the tape from Thursday’s win against Washington.
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Scout’s Eye: Can The Cowboys Run At Will?

Here’s a look at the two biggest keys I’m keeping an eye on for Sunday’s road trip to Atlanta.
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Scout’s Eye: Breaking Down This Dominant O-Line

Whether on offense, defense or special teams, there was a lot to like when Bryan Broaddus sat down and re-watched Sunday’s 27-20 win in Philadelphia.
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Scout’s Eye: Dallas DBs Need To Bounce Back

Here are my two biggest keys to this weekend’s game between the Cowboys and Eagles.
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Scout’s Eye: Testing The Titans’ Secondary

Here’s a look at the two big keys that I think will swing Monday night’s matchup.
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Scout’s Eye: Misses In The Passing Game

Having rewatched Sunday’s game in Washington, Bryan Broaddus filled a notebook on a standout defensive performance, as well as some missed chances in the passing game.
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Scout’s Eye: A Dominant Dallas Pass Rush

There was a lot to like from the film review of the Cowboys’ 40-7 win against Jacksonville, but Bryan Broaddus came away especially impressed with what he saw from the Dallas pass rush.
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Scout’s Eye: One Big Key For The Dallas WRs

Here are the two big keys to this matchup, which I believe will determine a winner for this Week 6 game against Jacksonville
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Scout’s Eye: Where Were The Passing Breakdowns?

Bryan Broaddus came out of his film study of Sunday night’s loss in Houston with plenty of notes about the offensive struggles and the defensive highs and lows.
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Scout’s Eye: Whoever Runs The Ball Better, Wins

Friday is here, so once again here is a look at the two biggest components that I think will determine the outcome of this Cowboys-Texans tilt.
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Scout’s Eye: Big Blocks, Defensive Grades; More

The wonders of a noon game are amazing.
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Scout’s Eye: Zeke Is The Key To Week 4

Here are my two biggest keys to this Week 4 matchup against the Lions.
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Scout’s Eye: Sizing Up The Week 3 Breakdowns

Having re-watched the Cowboys’ loss to the Seahawks, Bryan Broaddus as a notebook full of thoughts on what went wrong and how it can improve.
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Scout’s Eye: This Game Hinges On Russell Wilson

Heading into the weekend, here are my two big keys to this game against Seattle.
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Scout’s Eye: Best Play Calls From The Week 2 Win

It’s never going to be perfect, but there’s always more to like when you watch the tape of a winning effort.
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Scout's Eye: Winning Against The Giants’ OL

Here’s a look at the two big keys for this primetime matchup against the Giants.
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Scout’s Eye: Breaking Down Dak’s Miscues 

Bryan Broaddus sat down with the tape from Sunday’s loss to Carolina and came away with some detailed impressions of the Cowboys’ missed opportunities against the Panthers.
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Scout's Eye: Limiting The Panthers’ No. 1 Strength

As usual, here are the two big keys I’m looking at for Week 1.
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