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Zeke Hopeful To Play Thursday Despite Injury


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – With the Cowboys offense already struggling early in the game, it didn't help matters when Ezekiel Elliott suffered another injury on the sideline in the first quarter.

As it turned out, it was an ankle injury that he managed to play with throughout out the game. However, Zeke said it was actually a preexisting injury that proved to be the most problematic.

"Just the same knee injury I've been dealing with," Elliott said. "It's feeling better, but I got rolled up on it, which kind of hurt it."

The starting running back returned to the game in the second quarter but only managed 32 rushing yards (along with 36 receiving yards).

The team has tried to manage Elliott's workload in practices all year, hoping that he could make progress on the injury without missing games. Even after Sunday's game Elliott said that he felt his knee was "definitely getting better week in and week out."

It was certainly a good sign that Elliott was able to return to the game and make a few plays that suggested he wasn't limited, but how his knee reacts over the next few days will be crucial as the team will play again in just four days on Thanksgiving against the Raiders. After the game, Elliott said he expects to be ready to face off against Las Vegas.

"I banged my knee up on that play, but I don't think it set me back as far as it getting better," Elliott said before suggesting that the short time off may be a good thing after such a frustrating loss. "It's going to be tough for some guys [dealing with injuries], but I think guys are ready to get back on the field and get this taste out of our mouths."

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