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Training Camp | 2020

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Zeke Shares "Frustrating" Times From COVID-19


FRISCO, Texas – If the first three practices are any indication, running back Ezekiel Elliott looks fresh, he looks agile and looks even more fluid than before, evident by the amount of routes the Cowboys have him running in the passing game.

While all of that are good signs, it's even more exciting for him and the Cowboys, considering the star running back spent nearly a month in isolation this offseason after being diagnosed with COVID-19 this summer.

Zeke is more than healthy now, but said it wasn't easy being quarantined for over four weeks.

"I'd probably say I didn't work out for a month because there's some complications COVID can cause to your organs so you've got to make sure your heart and lungs are working all together before you get back out there," Elliott said Monday in a virtual conference call with the media. "It was frustrating for sure. But I think eve more frustrating that I couldn't leave the house, in isolation. It definitely was good to get back out and moving once I got out of quarantine."

Elliott said his symptoms were minimal, but just the isolation was the toughest part.

"I got COVID maybe two months ago. I didn't really have any symptoms," He said. "I probably felt a cough, heavy breathing for two days. Other than that, pretty normal. Just quarantine."

The Cowboys are hopeful that's the only thing that really contain Elliott this season. After four seasons, he's made three Pro Bowls, has three 1,000-yard seasons and two rushing titles. Last year, he rushed for 1,357 yards and 12 touchdowns, and also caught 54 passes for 420 yards.

Considering Zeke caught 77 balls in 2018, he said the drop-off has inspired him to improve that part of his game, when asked about his offseason goals.

"Just my pass catching. I think this offseason I really didn't do anything from the backfield," Zeke said. "I did a lot of stuff from out at receiver, in the slot. Just trying to evolve my game there, just so I can be more of a viable source in the pass game."

But that was about all Zeke wanted to share about individual goals. When asked specifically to name more, he focused on the bigger picture.

"My individual goals are just win a Super Bowl," he said. "We have a great team. This is our time. That's all of our goals. Just win a Super Bowl and everything else is going to fall in place after that."

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