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Videos - January 2017

Published On Title
2017-01-01 Stadium Club Memberships
2017-01-01 Pregame Live: Dallas at Philadelphia
2017-01-01 1st Quarter Update- Cowboys vs. Eagles
2017-01-01 Tony Romo Highlights @ Eagles
2017-01-01 3rd Quarter Update- Cowboys vs. Eagles
2017-01-01 First Word: Romo Looks Sharp As Starters Rest
2017-01-01 Jerry Jones: Romo's Performance; Playoff Outlook
2017-01-01 Postgame Press Conference @ Philadelphia
2017-01-01 Barry Church: Good Momentum Into Playoff?
2017-01-01 Jason Witten: "Hard To Get Here. Now It All Starts"
2017-01-01 Cole Beasley: Playoff Opponent "Doesn't Really Matter"
2017-01-02 Jason Garrett Joins 105.3 The Fan - 01/02/17
2017-01-03 Cowboys Break: Wrapping Up The Regular Season
2017-01-03 Cowboys This Morning: Tuesday Jan. 3
2017-01-03 The Cowboys Hour 2016 : Jason Witten
2017-01-03 Mic'd Up at Lincoln Financial Field : vs. Philadelphia
2017-01-03 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 01/03/16
2017-01-04 Cowboys This Morning: Wednesday Jan. 4th
2017-01-04 Cowboys Break: Hall of Fame Finalists; Campo Joins
2017-01-04 Análisis de Juego: Romo todavía tiene lo suyo
2017-01-04 Cover 4: Flashing Back... 90s Style
2017-01-05 #FinishThisFight: Morris Claiborne
2017-01-05 Film Room: Romo's TD Drive In Philadelphia
2017-01-05 Garrett: Rookies Ready For Playoffs?
2017-01-05 Prescott: Confident Going Into Playoffs
2017-01-05 Elliott: "It's A Whole New Season"
2017-01-05 David Irving: On First Playoffs In Football Career
2017-01-05 On Air: Playoffs Approach; Gregory Suspended
2017-01-05 #FinishThisFight: Dak Prescott
2017-01-06 Cowboys Break: Wild Card Predictions
2017-01-06 Cole Beasley: Being A Part Of Something Special; Playoffs
2017-01-06 Zack Martin: "We've Earned This Bye Week"
2017-01-06 Garrett: Final Thoughts Before Wild Card
2017-01-06 Jerry Jones Press Conference - 01/06/17
2017-01-06 Cowboys This Morning: Friday January 6
2017-01-07 Somos Cowboys: Comienza la gran fiesta de la NFL para la NFC y AFC.
2017-01-07 Special Edition: Regular Season Wrap
2017-01-07 The Jason Garrett Show: What We Do
2017-01-09 #FInishThisFight: Lance Dunbar
2017-01-09 Cowboys Break: The Matchup Is Set
2017-01-09 Talkin' Cowboys: Bring On The Pack
2017-01-09 Stephen Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 01/09/17
2017-01-10 #FinishThisFight: Dan Bailey
2017-01-10 Cowboys Break: 5 Reasons To Fear Dallas
2017-01-10 Cowboys This Morning: Tuesday January 10
2017-01-10 Talkin' Cowboys: Emmitt Smith In Studio
2017-01-10 Cover 4: Examining The Playoff Field
2017-01-11 Cowboys Break: Strategy Against Green Bay
2017-01-11 Cowboys This Morning: Wednesday Jan. 11
2017-01-11 #FinishThisFight: Cole Beasley
2017-01-11 Garrett: Divisional Round Prep Underway
2017-01-11 Elliott: On Car Accident; Excited To Get Back On Field
2017-01-12 Exclusive Tour Of Cowboys Super Fan's Home
2017-01-12 TBT: Cowboys Beat Packers in '94 Divisional Playoff
2017-01-12 Cowboys Break: Green Bay On The Way
2017-01-12 Garrett: Meaning Of Finish; Packers Prep
2017-01-12 Cowboys This Morning: Thursday January 12
2017-01-12 Film Room: Aaron Rodgers' Wild Card Round
2017-01-12 Bryant: Not Focused On The Catch; "Already Erased"
2017-01-12 Witten: "It's Tournament Time"
2017-01-12 On Air: Final Thoughts Before The Pack
2017-01-13 Cowboys This Morning: Friday Jan. 13
2017-01-13 Garrett: Final Thoughts Before Divisional Round
2017-01-14 #FinishThisFight: Dez Bryant
2017-01-14 Special Edition: Postseason Preview
2017-01-14 Somos Cowboys: Vaqueros reciben a los Empacadores en duelo divisional
2017-01-14 Michael Irvin Interviews Jerry Jones At The Star
2017-01-15 #FinishThisFight: Jason Witten
2017-01-15 Cowboys Fans: A Message from Coach Garrett
2017-01-15 Halftime Report- Packers vs. Cowboys
2017-01-15 Cowboys OT Postgame: Packers vs Cowboys
2017-01-15 First Word: Rodgers, Packers End Cowboys Season
2017-01-15 HIGHLIGHTS: Packers vs. Cowboys
2017-01-15 Jerry Jones Reacts To Divisional Round Loss
2017-01-15 Ezekiel Elliott: "We Didn't Play Up To Par"
2017-01-15 Brandon Carr: Reflecting On 2016 Season
2017-01-15 Jason Witten: Emotional After Playoff Loss
2017-01-15 Sean Lee: On First Half Struggles In Playoff
2017-01-16 Dak Prescott Postgame - 01/15/17 vs. Packers
2017-01-16 Talkin' Cowboys: An Emotional Season Ends
2017-01-16 Prescott: Reflecting On Loss; Looks Forward To Next Year
2017-01-16 David Irving: Team Is "Only Gonna Get Better"
2017-01-16 Ronald Leary: On Return This Season; Free Agency
2017-01-16 Garrett: Final Press Conference of 2016 Season
2017-01-17 The Cowboys Hour 2016 : Tyrone Crawford & David Irving
2017-01-17 Talkin' Cowboys: Finishing Out The Season
2017-01-17 On Air: A Historic Season Ends
2017-01-17 Jerry Jones Joins 105.3 The Fan - 01/17/17
2017-01-18 Cowboys This Morning: Wednesday Jan. 18
2017-01-18 Cowboys Break: Potential Free Agents
2017-01-18 Plan de Juego: Fin de temporada 2016
2017-01-19 Cowboys This Morning: Thursday January 19
2017-01-19 The Dallas Cowboys Legends Show : Nate Newton
2017-01-19 Draft Show: 2017 Kickoff; Senior Bowl Preview
2017-01-19 #AskTheBoys: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye
2017-01-19 Mic'd Up at AT&T Stadium : vs. Green Bay
2017-01-23 Cowboys Break: What Happens With Tony Romo?
2017-01-23 Whataburger 2016 Coach Of The Week
2017-01-24 Jerry Jones: Offseason & Draft Priorities
2017-01-24 Draft Show: LIVE @ Senior Bowl 2017 - Day 1
2017-01-24 Stephen Jones: Injuries; Free Agency; Draft
2017-01-25 Mickey Spagnola interviews Jerry Jones at Senior Bowl
2017-01-25 Pro Bowl: Day One Recap
2017-01-25 Garrett: "Great For Our Guys To Be Recognized"
2017-01-25 Prescott: Loss Behind Him; Enjoying Pro Bowl
2017-01-25 Bryant: On Playoffs; Being With Elites At Pro Bowl
2017-01-25 Draft Show: LIVE @ Senior Bowl 2017 - Day 2
2017-01-26 Dez Bryant: On Pro Bowl; Offseason Training
2017-01-26 Pro Bowl: Day Two Recap
2017-01-26 Draft Show: LIVE @ Senior Bowl 2017 - Day 3
2017-01-27 Prescott: Wants To Get Better At QB Position
2017-01-27 O-Line: Trick Plays In The Works; Enjoying Pro Bowl
2017-01-27 Garrett: On T. Crawford and Lawrence's Surgeries
2017-01-27 Pro Bowl Week: Day Three Practice
2017-01-28 Cowboys Legends: Super Bowl XXX 20 Years Later
2017-01-29 Pro Bowl: Pregame Sights
2017-01-30 On Air: Offseason Talk Round 2
2017-01-31 Talkin' Cowboys: Offseason Outlook & Hall of Fame
2017-01-31 Jerry Reflects On Romo Statement; Biggest Regrets