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6 Points: The Most Pivotal Part of the Schedule

The Cowboys finally know their schedule for the 2019 season. For months, we’ve known the Cowboys will travel to New England, New Orleans and Chicago with key home games against the Packers and Rams.
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Spagnola: Not Sure Safety First Applies To Draft

Blame it on Earl Thomas. That he came running over after the game in 2017 to tell Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett to “come and get me.”
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Mick Shots: Cowboys Covering All Their Bases

In one month’s time, let’s review the 2019 offseason checklist for the Dallas Cowboys. Just 28 days.
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6 Points: Writers Debate the Next Star to Sign

The D-Law press conference on Tuesday likely won’t be the last one in 2019 as several other big names are expected to get paid. The writers debate on which player should be next. 
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Spagnola: Looking At Talks From Both Sides

The Dallas Cowboys wanting to sign DeMarcus Lawrence to a long-term deal.DeMarcus Lawrence wanting to sign a long-term deal with the Cowboys for a lottery-winning lump sum.
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Mick Shots: Good Deals, Bad Deals, Big Deals

Offseason, err, non-game season, moving right along.
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Spagnola: Wisely Putting The Team Together Again

Step right up, please meet the fruits of the Dallas Cowboys remaining fiscally responsible with their once – for them – bountiful salary cap funds.
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Mick Shots: Just Trying To Do The Right Things

The theme for today’s shots, which might sound easier than it really is when it comes to this game of professional football, and that includes on the field and off the field in the NFL.
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Spagnola: A Lot to Like About Randall Cobb 

Might be just a day later, but here is what’s to like about Randall Cobb.
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Mick Shots: Nothing Is Free In The NFL

There is nothing free in free agency. Costs ridiculously dearly that first week for a team to bring a free agent in, and in more times than not, costs ridiculously dearly to get rid of a free agent contract.
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Spagnola: If You Need To Worry, Try This

Not sure why (wink, wink), but have this sneaking suspicion there still is a whole lot of consternating going on out there just three days into the start of the NFL’s new league year.
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Mick Shots: Free Agency Gone Wild . . . Again

Happens every spring time, or, NFL New Year. Without fail.
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Spagnola: That Hand Already In The Dirt

This is the fourth consecutive day Witten has been spotted out here at The Star, ever since announcing his comeback to the Dallas Cowboys and onto the field again after the briefest retirement since Ed “Too Tall” Jones took a one-year hiatus from the Cowboys during the 1979 season to try his hand(s) at professional boxing.
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Mick Shots: As The NFL World Turns

Man, oh man. Leave town for one week, and all heck breaks loose.
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Spagnola: What’s Behind Door No. 58

The Dallas Cowboys, with the 27th pick in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft select …
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Spagnola: Beware Change For Change’s Sake

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has intimated Jason Garrett will head into the 2019 season on the final year of his contract, likely meaning no contract extension, that his head coach is in a win-or-else situation.
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Mick Shots: Chewing On Some Feel-Goods

Let’s start off Shots today with something somewhat uplifting, born from something really sad.
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Under Review: Where Must The Team Get Better?

Our “Under Review” series concludes with the staff writers debating what the Cowboys must do to return to postseason contention in 2019. Check out our answers!
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Under Review: What’s The No. 1 Draft Need?

“Under Review” continues with the staff writers debating the Cowboys’ No. 1 draft need at this point in the offseason. Check out our answers!
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Spagnola: Maybe Something To Moore Genes

Coaching is in new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore's genes.
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