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Under Review: Where Must The Team Get Better?

Our “Under Review” series concludes with the staff writers debating what the Cowboys must do to return to postseason contention in 2019. Check out our answers!
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Under Review: What’s The No. 1 Draft Need?

“Under Review” continues with the staff writers debating the Cowboys’ No. 1 draft need at this point in the offseason. Check out our answers!
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Spagnola: Maybe Something To Moore Genes

Coaching is in new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore's genes.
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Mick Shots: Let The Non-Game Season Begin

There really is no off during this time of the year, even though we are three days past Super Bowl LIII. The players can come and go as they please, though around noon Wednesday, I do see about 20 or so cars in the players
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Spagnola: Wade Touched So Many Of Our Lives

Wade Wilson passed away on Friday. On his 60th birthday, born Feb. 1, 1959, Greenville, Texas.
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Spagnola: Listen Up Before Conclusion-Jumping

 Let’s just wait maybe a day or two, an OTA practice or five, maybe even a series or 10, a game or four, before passing judgment on yesterday’s move on the Cowboys coaching staff.
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Writers Make Their Own ‘NFL Honors’ Picks

The staff writers of decided to weigh in on seven of the top awards. It’s not a prediction of what will happen, but more of an opinion if they had say in the process.
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Under Review: How Good Was 2018 Draft Class?

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers discussed the importance of the 2018 draft class, headlined by a Pro Bowl linebacker but what kind of future did they collect beyond that?  
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Mick Shots: Taking A Look Back To Good Ol’ Days

That’s what we mostly have this time of year, with Super Bowl LIII ready to tee it up Sunday in Atlanta, so figured a good time to shoot back in time.
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Spagnola: Not As Bad As Some Might Think

Just yesterday, a guy at the health club stopped me to say the Cowboys should be congratulated for having such “a good season.”
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Mick Shots: Now A Whole Bunch Of Scattershooting

Hey, New Orleans Saints, feel your pain.
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Under Review: Cowboys Best Play of 2018 

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers picked the best play from the 2018 season. Check out six different answers for the Cowboys’ best individual play of the past year. 
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Gut Feeling: The Linehan Decision; What’s Next?

On Friday, the Cowboys announced that Scott Linehan will no longer be the offensive coordinator. There wasn’t a press release, but just a statement from Jason Garrett, who called it a “mutual decision” for both parties. 
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Under Review: Debating the Defensive MVP 

Finding the MVP of the defense is the first topic in our 10-part series titled “Under Review,” which takes us back through the 2018 season and also focuses on key offseason priorities. 
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Spagnola: Strange Year Leaves ’Em Wanting More 

In one sense, fast. In another, long. So much change. First on the coaching staff: 11 changes, either through promotions, new hires or fires. Then with starters: 11 new ones, either first-time starters or changed positions or changes during the season.
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Mick Shots: Putting the 2018 Season To Bed

Weeks like this are the toughest.
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Spagnola: Rams Remake Of Old School Football

Doggone it, someone should have said something before this game.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Rams

Who will advance Saturday night in LA? See’s ‘Gut Feeling’ playoff predictions for Cowboys-Rams.
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Spagnola: Winning Is The Name Of The Game

Dak do what Dak do.He wins.
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Mick Shots: So Much To Say, So Little Time

NFC Playoffs, Round 2: Cowboys-Rams, L.A. Memorial Coliseum.
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