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Offseason | 2021

A Special, Previously Untold Dak Draft Story

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FRISCO, Texas – Wade Wilson, the late former Cowboys quarterback and quarterbacks coach, was always a staunch supporter of Dak Prescott when he served as Prescott's position coach from 2016-17.

But NFL insider Peter King has an untold story that fully illustrates Wilson's support for Prescott leading up to the 2016 draft. King writes in his Monday “Football Morning In America” column:

"Wilson died on his 60th birthday, Feb. 1, 2019. After the funeral, which (former Cowboys head coach Jason) Garrett and Prescott attended, Prescott told Garrett something he'd never planned to tell him. Remember my pre-draft visit to the facility? Remember how you quizzed me about those plays and my off-the-field stuff? Garrett said of course he recalled it.

"Well, Prescott told him, before that meeting, Wilson had briefed him in great detail on the plays Garrett would be quizzing him about, and told him he'd be pressing him on the (March 2016) DUI also. Prescott aced the test, it turns out, because Wilson had given him the questions and the answers before he walked into his Dallas Cowboys final exam."

The Cowboys drafted Prescott with a compensatory pick in the fourth round that year. Now he's the highest-paid player in franchise history, signing a new four-year deal worth over $160 million last week.

Wilson was beloved throughout the Cowboys organization for decades, including three years as a backup to Troy Aikman from 1995-97 and two stretches as quarterbacks coach in the 2000s.

He also believed in Prescott's ability – so much so, that he gave Prescott a little edge in the pre-draft process.

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