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Offseason | 2021

NFL To Allow Alternate Helmets In 2022


FRISCO, Texas – A new rule could have the Cowboys going old school in future seasons.

Word surfaced Thursday afternoon that the NFL will allow clubs to use alternate helmets starting for the 2022 season. According to a report, the rule would allow teams to use a different helmet to pair with alternate, throwback and Color Rush uniforms, provided they are properly fitted and follow league safety protocols.

This could obviously be big news for the Cowboys, who haven't worn their throwback uniforms since 2012 as a result of league rules. In 2013, the NFL announced that it would only allow teams to wear one helmet during the season in an effort to reduce concussions.

That rule had an impact on the Cowboys, as well as many other clubs whose throwback look features a differently-colored helmet. The Cowboys' iconic, 1960 uniform featured a navy blue jersey with stars on the shoulder, as well as a blue star featured on a white helmet. Under the old rule, the team would have had to wear their throwback jerseys with their silver helmets or not wear a throwback look at all.

Whereas plenty of NFL teams achieved throwback looks by simply changing the decal on their usual helmets, the Cowboys' transition from silver to white would have forced them to paint their helmets for throwback games, and then paint them back for ensuing games – not exactly a realistic solution.

Regardless, the door is now open for the Cowboys to return to their roots. The team wore the original uniform from its inception in 1960 until 1964, when it transitioned to the more recognizable look it still sports today. They returned to the throwbacks for their annual Thanksgiving Day game starting in 2004, running until the rule change after the 2012 season.

A memo from the NFL detailed that the Cowboys have until July 31 to inform the league whether they intend to use an alternate helmet in 2022. Time will tell if they do so, but the NFL has finally given them the go-ahead.

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