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CeeDee not stat-focused: 'Obsessed with winning'


FRISCO, TX — For the first time in more than 24 months, the Dallas Cowboys own a two-game losing streak, after losing a close contest against the Miami Dolphins in Week 16. They'll return home from an 0-2 tour of the AFC East to host the Detroit Lions at AT&T Stadium, however, where they're currently 7-0 on the season and winners of 15 straight.

A key determinant for the outcome of the looming matchup against the Lions will be the utilization of CeeDee Lamb, or lack thereof.

On Wednesday, he explained what the Cowboys need to do to right the ship.

"To go out there and fix the things we need to fix — the mental mistakes and giving a lot more effort on certain plays and to catch a dub," said Lamb. 

The First-Team All-Pro racked up 95 receiving yards and a touchdown in the first quarter alone in Miami, before not reappearing as a feature of the passing attack until the team's final drive — one that resulted in a touchdown to take the lead with less than four minutes remaining in the game.

He was on track to break the team's all-time record for most receptions in a single season (111) before the targets went cold, which means he'll now have the opportunity to do it in Week 17, at home, and on the very night in which legendary head coach Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into the coveted Ring of Honor. 

But, for Lamb, it's not about the record. It's about victory.

"If we win, it'll make it [mean] a lot more," said Lamb. "I like to win. It's not really so much about the stats. Whatever the stats end up being after the game, OK, that's cool. But throughout the game, I'm not like, 'Oh sh-t, I've got 100 yards in the first quarter.' 

"That's not it. I just like to win. Like, I really have an obsession with winning."

It goes without saying that, for a variety of reasons, the Cowboys need to stave off a three-game losing streak and it's a perfect time for some home cooking — Dallas being the most dominant team in the league when playing on their home field. 

But considering their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act this season, Lamb is hoping to get back on track this Saturday and then figure out how to carry that momentum back onto the road the following week and, potentially, the weeks that follow. 

"We've gotta still go out there and play, no matter what bed we wake up in [though]," he said. "We still have to go out there every Sunday, or Saturday, and be the best us." 

It's been an explosive season for Lamb, the best of his young career, but it'll be all for naught if the Cowboys can't end this campaign on the highest of notes.

"I feel like no matter what happens during the season — good, bad or indifferent — as long as we continue to play and have a chance at winning the Super Bowl, it can be a successful season," Lamb said. "We've come up short lately, but we're gonna change that, soon."

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