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Cowboys Getting Close To 100 Percent Participation 


By Friday, the Cowboys are hopeful to be at full strength – both with players and coaches – after being decimated by Covid-19 over the last two weeks.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy told the media on Wednesday the team is nearly at 100 percent for practice and meetings. On Thursday, McCarthy himself will be able to return to the facility after missing last week, including the game in New Orleans because of the virus.

By Friday, rookie cornerback Nahshon Wright is expected to return from the Reserved/Covid list as well.

McCarthy said the Cowboys have changed a few things in the meeting rooms to provide more space and distancing.

"We're back to a pretty normal protocol," McCarthy said. "We actually expanded some of the meeting rooms, just to be extra cautious. We were able to have bigger rooms for our O-line and D-line. That was really the big change."

McCarthy said he "feels great and ready to go" and added the protocol experience "has been an education to say the least."

Over the last two weeks, the Cowboys have been without a handful of players, some from the active roster and some on injured reserve and the practice squad. The most significant was Amari Cooper, who missed the Kansas City and Las Vegas game but returned to play against the Saints.

But in New Orleans, the Cowboys were without six coaches, including McCarthy, along with two offensive line coaches, two strength coaches and another offensive assistant.

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