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Further Review: A 'Guaranteed' Good Time in D.C.


Gameday is always a whirlwind when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. What we think will happen is rarely what actually happens. What actually happens goes by in a blur. And when all is said and done, there's a new week's worth of aftermath to sort out, good or bad. The staff is always there to cover every aspect.

The day after each game this season Further Review will give a chance to catch your breath and look back at what actually happened. What did we think going in? What happened? And what does it all mean?

The Warm Up:

Game Time:

What now?

  • Was it a close game? Was it a blowout? How did it happen? If you really want to understand how the Cowboys beat Washington Kurt Daniels has all the numbers and moments that defined the game [Read Daniels’ game recap]
  • Prescott had some miscues later, but he narrowly avoided disaster on the first drive. "The Cowboys were able to continue the drive with another first down and eventually made a field goal to take a 3-0 lead," Nick Eatman wrote. "But a pick thrown by Prescott on the first drive could've changed the entire sequence." [Read about all five of the crucial plays that Eatman thinks you might have forgotten]
  • Now that it's fully healthy, was Sunday's game proof that the D-line can carry the Cowboys to victories? "The all-angles pressure was suffocating for Heinicke," Rob Phillips wrote of the unit on Sunday [Phillips on the dominant D-line]
  • Mike McCarthy and Ron Rivera both sparked a few headlines leading up to Sunday's game. "Neither said anything that was particularly offensive about the other, but after the game, it seemed both veteran coaches may have known something about how to motivate their teams," Jonny Auping wrote [Auping on McCarthy sparking a rivalry and delivering on a guarantee]

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