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CowBuzz: Another "Sweet" Moment For D-Law 


DeMarcus Lawrence is using his on-the-field talents to make an off-the-field impact thanks to a partnership with Snickers.

During Monday night's game, Lawrence got his sack within the first 10 minutes.

On Wednesday night, he spent his time alongside nearly 100 volunteers "sacking" 20,000 Snickers to include in Operation Gratitude's annual holiday care packages that will be distributed to active duty military personnel around the world.

Between his love for Snickers and his nickname "Tank", the concept was a no-brainer for Lawrence.

"I'm all about the services and everything our troops do for our country day in and day out. When you're blessed, you have to give back so I'm truly blessed to be here and give back."

The partnership began over the summer when Lawrence shared that Snickers is his favorite candy bar. At the time, Snickers was releasing their new limited-edition flavors including Espresso, Fiery and Salty & Sweet.

"I told them that I have a lot of ideas that we could do and that's where it started," Lawrence said.

So can we expect an exclusive flavor created by Tank?

"In due time," he said.

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