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CowBuzz: Blue Jerseys Donned In Rare Consecutive Games


The Dallas Cowboys travel to Nashville this weekend to face the Tennessee Titans.  The last time the team travelled to Tennessee resulted in a 45-14 victory for the Cowboys in 2006 in their traditional white jerseys.

This weekend the Boys will seek their first victory of the season and will also wear their navy jerseys for the first time.  They will wear the navy jerseys two more times, on the road next week versus the St. Louis Rams and at home on Thanksgiving Day against the Philadelphia Eagles.  The last time the Cowboys wore navy jerseys in back-to-back games was in December of 2005 against the Washington Redskins and then again verus the Carolina Panthers the following week.

Much is made of Cowboys "navy jersey curse" from fans.  Some fans believe the navy jerseys are bad luck.  More information on the history of the navy jersey and why we wear it so few times each season here.

Kickoff is at noon and the high temperature is expected to be 78 degrees, so the heat that sometimes becomes a factor when the navy jerseys are worn shouldn't be play a role.

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