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CowBuzz: Dak & Jarwin Ready To "Run It Back"


When it comes to Dak Prescott, Cowboys' Nation has made it abundantly clear that they want him signed to a hefty contract and in a Dallas Cowboys' jersey for years to come. 

Utilizing the power of social media, they have spent the past few months campaigning for Prescott's contract to be a done deal. Just check out any Dallas Cowboys' social media post since January and you'll find an array of "Sign Dak" comments that followed suit.

With another week behind us and still no contract for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, his teammates are now joining the social media conversation. Around 9 a.m. on Friday, February 12th, Dallas Cowboys tight end Blake Jarwin posted an in-game celebration picture of him and Prescott on his Instagram. He captioned the photo - '@dak, wanna run it back in a few months?"

The post quickly caught the attention of Cowboys' Nation, receiving over 25,700 likes and 451 comments. Teammates CeeDee Lamb and Dalton Shultz even commented on Jarwin's post to share in the anticipation of Prescott's return.


Not about to leave his teammates hanging, Prescott shared Jarwin's post on his Instagram story along with his answer to the tight end's question. His response..."That's the only way I see it."

Now it's not a signed contract, but maybe Prescott's answer is the sign of good news to come.

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