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CowBuzz: Dak's Surprise Gift For Teammates


With the 2018 season just around the corner, players have to take any means necessary in conserving their energy. Luckily for the 'Boys, Dak Prescott had the perfect solution.

Yesterday, Prescott played Santa for the day and purchased flashy new scooters for some of his offensive teammates to get around training camp. Here are some of the highlights.

Checking out their personalized rides:

(1)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008729

The 'Boys posted on their new rides:

(2)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008740
(3) 20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008731
(4)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008742
(5)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008738

A lifestyle La'el Collins and Zack Martin could get used to:

(6)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008733

Tyrod Smith looking ready to ride:

(7) 20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008735

And of course, the guys thanked their quarterbackfor their one-of-a-kind gifts:

(8)20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008730
(9) 20180810_Dak Oline Surprise_Selects_JJ_008728

With all this saved up energy, we can't wait to see the power brought to the field next Saturday as the Dallas Cowboys take on the Cincinnati Bengals.

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