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CowBuzz: Dak Warmup Video Goes Viral on SNF


We all knew Dak Prescott could throw, but did you know he can also throw down on the dance floor? As America geared up for SNF, cameras caught the man himself, Dak Prescott in the midst of his pregame warmup. The footage revealed a skill drill Prescott uses to loosen up his hips, allowing for those explosive passes he is famous for. The internet quickly caught wind of the clip, and a handful of remixes later, Prescott's warmup became a trending topic on Twitter. Check out our favorite #DakDancesToAnything tweets below, and let us know your favorite as well.

Okay, here is the original.

Dak dances to Suavemente.

A little holiday spirit….

DAK's on tonight you know his hips don't lie and he's playin' Sunday night🎶

I think I missed this episode of Fresh Prince. 🤔

Imagine the world ends tomorrow, and this video is the only proof of human civilization.


Dak dances to Hips Don't Lie again, but this time it's the live performance.

When he dip, you dip, we dip.

Finally, Dak dances EVERYWHERE!😂

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