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CowBuzz: Dez Buys PS4s For Unsuspecting Gamers


If you follow Dez Bryant on Twitter then you are well aware that he is an avid gamer and often times challenges his followers to a game of Madden via Twitter.

The new Sony PlayStation PS4 was released late Thursday night and gamers were in line to purchase the gaming system at a Dallas area retailer when Dez Bryant showed up.  Dez paid for gaming systems for a handful of unsuspecting gamers waiting in line for the them to go on sale.

During open locker room today when Dez was asked how he felt about playing Santa last week, he responded, "That's just me, I like giving back."  Dez said it was a spur of the moment thing and he loves doing that kind of stuff.

At a retail price of $399.99, there are a few new PlayStation owners that are glad that he loves doing that kind of stuff as well.

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