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CowBuzz: Fans Weigh In On Cowboys' Biggest Rival


We asked our fans via Twitter to let us know who they think is the Cowboys' biggest rival using hashtag #CowBuzz

Cowboys fans have varying opinions on who today's biggest rivals are, but the vast majority of fans agree that the Cowboys' biggest rivals all play in the NFC East. When I was growing up there was no bigger rivalry in the NFL than Cowboys vs Redskins. There were commercials about it and the games just had a certain grit and physicality to them that you didn't sense in other games. A lot of Cowboys fans say that rivalry still lives on with the Redskins, mainly based off tradition.

It seems the sense of rivalry with the Redskins shifted toward the Eagles in the late 90's. Many Cowboys fans seem to focus the rivalry with the Eagles more on the fans than the actual team. Several fans point out the incident in which Michael Irvin's career was ended during a game at the Vet in '99 when fans cheered as Irvin lay motionless on the turf.

The Cowboys have only played two teams more than the Giants (105) in the regular season, the Eagles and the Redskins (105 each). That storied history along with the recent success and Super Bowl victories by the New York Giants, has apparently shifted the rivalry again according to Cowboys fans, this time to The Empire State.

So we have the Redskins, Eagles and Giants. That covers the NFC East, right? Almost. Another division team that I didn't consider but fans see as a rival of the Cowboys is, well, the Cowboys. Several fans voiced their opinion that the team that beats the Cowboys the most is themselves.

What's your opinion? Do you agree with our Twitter feedback? Let us know who you think the Cowboys biggest rival is in the comments below.

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