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CowBuzz: George Selvie Unveils Hatcher's Heroes


Each week we conduct our weekly radio show, The Cowboys Hour, live from the Gaylord Texan. The voice of the Cowboys, Brad Sham, hosts the show with one or two Cowboys players as guests.

Brad's guests last night were Jason Hatcher and George Selvie. Selvie came to the show last night wearing a shirt with the slogan "Hatcher's Heroes" across the front of it.

When Brad asked George about the shirts, he said "Charlie had his angels, Professor X had his X-Men and we're Hatcher's Heroes. We're going out there and playing hard and it's catching on, so I love it."

According to Hatcher and Selvie, the slogan was born on Twitter and has carried over to the members of the Cowboys defensive front.

Later in the show, Sham counted 15, yes 15, different defensive linemen that have started at some point this season for the Cowboys. With injuries piling up on this team, Cowboys' fans hope Hatcher's Heroes show up again this weekend in New Orleans.

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