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CowBuzz: Governor Of New Jersey Defends His Cowboys Fandom


The Dallas Cowboys have a fan base that spans the country.  We see it on display every place the team plays, local fans wearing Cowboys gear in the streets of opposing cities, dedicated fans at the team hotels when the Cowboys arrive, and sometimes louder cheers in the stadium for the Cowboys than the home team. 

The reach of the Cowboys was on display again Sunday night as the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, was present in Philadelphia when the Cowboys took on the Eagles. 

Governor Christie has never made his love for the Cowboys a secret.  He's been seen on the sidelines before a number of Cowboys games, including earlier this year when the Cowboys traveled to New York to take on the Giants. 

After Christie was spotted Sunday night high-fiving Jerry Jones in a luxury suite, Twitter erupted.

Christie called in to WPG talk radio 1450 in New Jersey on Monday morning to defend his fandom. 

"I'm an enthusiastic Dallas Cowboys fan, I've never made a secret of it from the time I entered public life.  I was there rooting for my favorite team in the NFL last night," he said.

Christie went on to say he understood why fans would be angry and react the way they did but he wasn't going to change his sports team loyalties just to score political points.  You can hear the interview here

Christie also took to Twitter to respond to fans Monday morning.

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