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CowBuzz: Irvin, Dez Respond To Lamb Getting 88


After just being drafted last week, Cowboys rookie wide receiver, CeeDee Lamb, has now joined one of the most prestigious clubs before ever suiting up for the team.

On Thursday it was announced that Lamb would don the jersey number 88, aligning his name with previous wide receiver greats such as Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant.

While wearing this number as rookie is a great honor, it can come with a lot of pressure. Both Bryant and Irvin immediately shared their personal support of Lamb wearing their shared number as a Dallas Cowboy.

"In order to get this number you must be what we call a 'true bred' - that means born, bleed and bred right here with the Dallas Cowboys," Dallas' legendary Michael Irvin said on a call-in to ESPN. "Drew Pearson was that. Michael Irvin was that. Dez Bryant was that and now CeeDee Lamb is that . And I love this kid."

Bryant said it best in his tweet "be YOU". Lamb's story has yet to be written as a Dallas Cowboy but if this number indicates anything he has the encouragement of Cowboys legends around him.

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