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CowBuzz: Jaylon's Platform Enhancing Community


With only hours to go until 2020 is officially behind us, many are looking for a positive start to the new year.

Hoping to help communities make good on their resolutions and tackle 2021 with good news is Jaylon Smith.

The linebacker and his foundation, the Minority Entrepreneurship Institute (MEI), purchased 30 new computers for participants of the Bloom Project.

Based in Smith's hometown of Fort Wayne, Ind., the Bloom Project is a nonprofit organization that serves predominately minority males in need of role models to mentor and guide their academic and professional endeavors. The donation supports the organization's continued emphasis on education and helps students navigate virtual learning.

Staying busy, Smith also met with this year's Bank of America's Volunteer Service awardees and Diversity Inclusion Award recipients earlier this week. Connecting with the group virtually, the veteran expressed his gratitude for their efforts.

"…I have always had a purpose beyond athletics and been blessed to use this platform the right way," Smith said. "My goal is to help close the economic and educational gap…It's about empowering each other and keep things going."

As a Dallas Cowboy and a 2020 W_alter Payton NFL Man of The Year nominee,_ Smith is focused on not only generating positive change in the coming year but establishing a positive foundation for generations to come.

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