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CowBuzz: Kearse Covets Tom Brady's Last INT Ball


As the sports world reacts to Tom Brady's retirement from the National Football league…again, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in the narrative that sent "The Goat" packing.

Cowboys Nation and Fox Sports wasted no time in reminding the world which team will forever be Brady's last loss in the NFL.

Two Dallas Cowboys players, who will also mark Tom Brady's career took to Twitter to share respect for the NFL veteran.

Safety Jayron Kearse, who is now officially the last player to intercept a Brady pass, shared a photo of the ball in a tweet that read "Good thing I held on to this one… Helluva career TB12, the GOAT!!"

Similarly, linebacker Micah Parsons is the last player to sack Brady. The two-year veteran shared a tweet in need of a Brady jersey.

Dallas Cowboys alumni Troy Aikman and Dez Bryant also took the time to share on message of respect on Brady's Instagram.


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