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CowBuzz: Marinelli Tags Players With Nicknames


Earlier this week it was revealed that coach Marinelli has tagged some of the defensive line players with unique nicknames.  Coach Garrett confirmed today that this was indeed true.  In case you missed it, here are some of the nicknames and what they mean:

Jason Hatcher: Big Daddy – Hatch is one of the biggest players on the team and occasionally plays high in his stance.  If you know Hatch, he also has one of the biggest personalities on the team.

DeMarcus Ware: Long Arms – No explanation needed.

George Selvie:  Bricklayer - From week one Selvie has been a hard working player.  He just goes out there and does his job every week.

Nick Hayden: Golden Cock – Hayden plays the cocked nose position and has one of the lighter complexions on the defensive line.

You have to admit these are some pretty creative nicknames, but Cowboys fans hope they will be able to call them all the same one at the end of the season, champ.

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