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Cowbuzz: Micah inspired by 'Mamba Mentality'


Micah Parsons referenced an inspiring quote from the late Kobe Bryant to help him put last week's game behind him and get ready the next challenge.

"Resting at the end, not in the middle" is what Micah Parsons said on the latest episode of his podcast, "The Edge."

Referencing one of the greatest athletes at the 34:52 mark, Parsons said "I am going to take my loss, but I am not going to stop. I am gonna keep coming. I am gonna keep believing. I am gonna just keep trying to be better…"

Parsons shared Kobe's quote after he explained that to encourage his teammates following Sunday Night Football, he reminded him they can be special but have to trust in everything that happens.

The Pro Bowler wrapped up his show with a call to action for Cowboys Nation, letting Dallas Cowboys fans know that their team still needs them and to keep the faith.

"It's America's Team for a reason, let's make it America's Team…I'll see y'all Monday night" Parsons said.Watch the full episode here.

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