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CowBuzz: Players Use Variety To Pass Time On Train Ride


It's typical for the Cowboys to travel to the opposing team's city the day before the game, but it's usually via plane. Today the schedule was typical but the mode of transportation wasn't as the team boarded an Amtrak train to make the journey south.

Players, coaches, select staff and media boarded the train in Oxnard and embarked on a four hour ride south to San Diego.

Team members occupied the first few cars of the train while staff, coaches and media members filled up the back end of the train.

As the train began rolling, media members followed a member of the team's public relations staff to the front cars to conduct interviews with a few players.

If you think the guys only compete on the field, wrong. Before the train could get moving Jason Witten, DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo and Sean Lee had begun the competition with a game of cards. It's probably safe to say it wasn't a game of go fish.

While some guys competed in dominos and cards, others took the opportunity to get some rest, no thanks to Dez.

And some people took the time to just take it all in and enjoy the scenery.

Even though it turned what would have been an hour long flight into a four hour journey, at the end of the trip, it was pretty cool to arrive at our destination in a different way than the norm.

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