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CowBuzz: Romo, Dez Bryant Accept Ice-Bucket Challenge


OXNARD, Calif.- The ice bucket challenge has become a viral sensation across all forms of social media to raise awareness for ALS.

This week, it was Dez's turn.

After Tuesday's practice, I followed Dez up to the locker room to get some behind the scenes photos for our social media channels. As he was taking off his shoulder pads Dez began talking about the ice bucket challenge. I don't think anyone even challenged him, I think he just wanted to do it.

We walked behind the locker room as a couple of the equipment guys began putting ice water in a bucket. As we were waiting, Tony Romo walked by and Dez started recruiting him to do it with him. Tony said he'd come back out after he took his pads off, Dez didn't believe him, but it happened.

Tony came back out they recruited assistant wide receivers coach, Kyle Valero. And here's the outcome.

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