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CowBuzz: Sean Lee Delivers...Birthday Cake


Birthday celebrations are commonplace in most places of work.  Someone buys a cake, employees in that department gather, sing happy birthday, eat said cake, then go back to work.  Being employed by the Cowboys is no different.  We celebrate birthdays in the same manner, in fact in our marketing department we celebrated a birthday yesterday in this exact manner.

Later that day we had another birthday in a different department. writer Bryan Broaddus celebrated the big 5-0 yesterday.  Celebrating a milestone of that nature is cause for at least a little hoopla.  Nick Eatman, also from, had the great idea to have Bryan's cake delivered in an unconventional manner.  What could be cooler than having your 50th birthday cake delivered by none other than #50, Sean Lee?

As a fan you like to think your favorite athletes are nice, friendly and just downright good people off the field, someone you'd want to hang out with.  Some are and some, not so much.  Sean Lee is the person that you'd hope he is, he's a beast on the field and a great guy off.  When someone from our public relations department approached Sean with the idea, he was all about it.  Check out the video…

By the way, in the photo above Broaddus isn't scared, he's just afraid Sean is going to eat his cake.

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