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CowBuzz: Top Reactions From Black Cat MNF Debut


The cat's out of the bag: The Dallas Cowboys have a new secret weapon. The MetLife Stadium stray cat who made an unexpected appearance in the second quarter quickly took social media by storm — and some even believe it gave the team the extra push they needed to win the game. The purr-petrator was able to scamper off the field unharmed, but not before capturing the hearts of Americans everywhere.

Check out these Hiss-terical MNF tweets.

Listen to the full play-by-play of the cat's TD.

12th man anyone?

D-Law approved.

"I almost threw my hot dog at the screen."

117 yards, 2 TDs, and 9 lives.

We see you Carolina…👀

Dave Helman couldn't resist to get into the mix.

These cats almost seemed jealous of the Monday night star.

Responding to the distress signal.

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