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CowBuzz: Tyrone Crawford Calls Out Madden 19


The team is headed to training camp, as they get prepared to trim down to a 53-man roster. However, one Cowboys defensive end was ready to showcase his trimmed down physique — and the new Madden 19 game didn't help the cause.

Although the game isn't set for release until Aug. 31, the official list has now been revealed. While it's a tip of the cap to some Cowboys stars, others have taken offense. After Crawford got one look at his virtual self he took to social to voice his unhappiness with his "humpty-dumpty" body.

EA Madden had a quick response with an "under review" stamp over the photo, following it up with a new and "approved" photo.

In reality, Crawford has slimmed down this offseason for his strong role as an edge rusher.

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