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CowBuzz: Vander Esch Shows LVE to Former HS


A year ago, Cowboys linebacker, Leighton Vander Esch, was getting ready for the NFL Combine, which would eventually be one of the most important workouts he would have as he embarked on his NFL career, leading to him being drafted in the first round by the Cowboys last April.

Before Vander Esch was working out for his professional career he was just beginning his football journey at Salmon River High School in Riggins, Idaho. This past February he found a perfect way to show his appreciation for the community that helped him get to where he is.

According to Idaho Press, Vander Esch paid more than $45,000 for a new weight room at his old high school.

"It was the first thing that popped into my mind because it was a big need," Vander Esch told the Idaho Press. "It just made the most sense. A lot of the racks and stuff were all made in shop class and everybody has been saying we need a new weight room. It was barely even a weight room before, and now to see the excitement level of the guys using the new room has just been awesome."

The large gesture will be a long-lasting reminder for not only Salmon High School but for Riggins, Idaho the true character of Vander Esch.

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