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CowBuzz: Zeke Grants A Special Christmas Wish


This past weekend, Ezekiel Elliott not only helped his team to a 30-7 victory over the Bengals, but he also helped Santa Claus make good on one kid's Christmas list.

Before leaving the field at Paul Brown Stadium, Elliott spotted a Little Zeke in the stands and gifted him his game-worn cleats. While this act of generosity is not surprising for the veteran running back, what was surprising was that the fan had actually included Zeke cleats on his Christmas list. Rhett, the Little Zeke, had asked Santa Claus for: a car tire, crayons, Zeke Cleats, $9,999 and pecks this year.

Following the game, Rhett's aunt Courtney Fuller shared the story and the Christmas list on twitter, thanking Elliot for making her nephew's "whole life."

Aunt's twitter thread

Zeke's retweet

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