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D-Law: Your Questions Will Be Answered Sunday


FRISCO, Texas – They've made it this far, so why would the Cowboys give up the game now?

Details have been at an all-time low during this, the first untelevised NFL preseason in modern memory. With a new coaching staff, a bunch of new players and no preseason games due to COVID-19, it's not a stretch to say this is as little as anyone has known about a Dallas Cowboys team in the last 30 years.

From the sounds of it, the Cowboys are going to keep it that way as long as they can.

"Y'all going to have to wait for some of these questions to be answered on Sunday when you see me play," said DeMarcus Lawrence on Wednesday. "You feel me? All those questions are going to be answered on Sunday."

The idea applies to the entire team, but Lawrence and his defensive linemates are among the most scrutinized players on this entire roster.

The reason is obvious. After seven years of playing a very traditional four-man front, this Dallas defense under Mike Nolan figures to look awfully different Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. Throughout training camp, both Lawrence and Aldon Smith have functioned as fascinating chess pieces – occasionally playing as down linemen, occasionally standing up to fill more of a linebacker role.

It's been hard to pinpoint exactly what it's going to look like. But to hear it from Lawrence, all will be revealed in due time.

"You'll get a little glimpse of my hand in the dirt, me standing up -- or shoot, probably even over the center, you never know," he said. "Just trying to get back out there, keep my feet underneath me and get after it."

That's what makes this all so intriguing. It's almost entirely new. Obviously, the goal is still the same, but there's no telling exactly how the Cowboys plan to deploy Lawrence – not to mention the roster of other Pro Bowlers that will help him rush the passer.

Even if the basic idea is the same, though, Lawrence said the new scheme should provide him with more one-on-one opportunities – which will in turn give him a greater chance to impact the game.

"It's all about being violent, being disruptive and setting the edge for a defensive end," he said. "It also opens up my game a lot, helps me get better vision on the ball, get better vision on the different types of schemes the offense is trying to play. It's really all about helping me and getting me a different look at the different schemes."

It's all awfully vague, but what else is now. Fortunately for everyone else, Lawrence and Co. can finally show what they've been up to in just a few days.

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