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Dak Prescott sees opportunity to correct course before playoffs


FRISCO, Texas — With two weeks left in the regular season, the Dallas Cowboys are hitting their biggest road bumps that they have faced in 2023.

Coming off back-to-back road losses in two games that allowed for confidence in playing against playoff-caliber teams on the road, frustration has been a theme around the locker room as the players and coaches look to correct what can be corrected in only two weeks' time.

For Dak Prescott, that frustration is present, but there's also a comfort in the fact that he believes the ship can be righted in more than enough time to make a deep playoff run.

"Pissed, for sure," Dak Prescott said. "But resilient, and understanding that that one was close. Got away from us. But it's just been about for everybody to be accountable, look themselves in the mirror, say what more can I do individually? And understanding if we do that, commit to that collectively, we'll continue to get better and we'll get over this. No doubt about it."

For Prescott specifically, an offensive spell in the second and third quarters fell on his shoulders as well as the rest of the offense as they couldn't find any momentum until the final offensive drive. Although that drive helped them take a brief lead, it proved to be too little in the end.

"I'd have to go back and take you through each play for the most part and even on good plays, there's things that I felt like I could do better," Prescott said. "To me a quarterback's judged off wins and losses. So if it's a loss, I could've done more, one way or another: trying to make a play here or there, getting out of trouble here or there, whatever it may be. I'm going to continue to critique my game that way."

A lot of self-reflection has gone into the shortened week at The Star with an upcoming Saturday night game against the Detroit Lions – once again another opportunity to defeat a quality opponent. With two games that the Cowboys should be favored in upcoming, there still remains an opportunity to find that consistency that has lacked in the last two weeks.

"We credit the schedule that we have here, but in the same sense, we've got to do more," he said. "That's looking yourself in the mirror and being accountable. We know where we want to go, and right now, we got two more weeks that are promised. Then after that, we've got to sacrifice. So we gotta be willing to sacrifice now, understanding that we should be playing with our backs-against-the-wall mentality right now to get ourselves ready."

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