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Offseason | 2023

Dan Quinn Clarifies Parsons' Position at Linebacker


FRISCO, Texas – In two other answers during his press conference Saturday, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn discussed the importance of players that can be used at multiple positions.

And then, as expected, he was asked about Micah Parsons, who has made some hints this offseason that he's adding some weight to bulk up if he's going to rush the passer more.

But in terms of flexibility and versatility, Quinn said he still sees Parsons the same as before.

"Yeah, 100 percent. He is a pass-rushing linebacker!" Quinn said to the group of reporters. "So if you ever need position changes, come to me. I think what he was probably trying to say is that I'm really emphasizing some pass-rush into my offseason."

Parsons has led the Cowboys in sacks and pressures each of his first two seasons in the league. After posting 13 sacks and 42 pressures as a rookie in 2021, unanimously winning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, along with first-team All-Pro and Pro Bowl, Parsons came back last year and had 13.5 sacks and 69 pressures. Parsons also earned All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors – becoming the first defensive player in Cowboys history to earn both Pro Bowl and All-Pro in each of his first two seasons.

Earlier this month, Parsons said he was adding some weight to bulk up, and then tweeted a clarification:

"Lol people here bulk and think I'm going from 246- 270!! If you seen any of my videos I'm still very slim and I'mputting on good weight! I'm standing at 252 currently! I will not surpass 255 at anytime in my career! This is just me putting on more muscle to carry the load!"

Obviously, his weight isn't changing too much. And from the sound of his coach, his position isn't changing as well.

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