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Offseason | 2023

Deuce Actually "Went To Work" With His Dad  


FRISCO, Texas – One of the most memorable draft moments in Cowboys history occurred just a few days ago when veteran scout Chris Vaughn emotionally called his son, Deuce Vaughn to tell him the Cowboys had just drafted him.

"Hey buddy, you want to come to work with me next week?"

That was the gripping line that he even Chris Vaughn himself couldn't get out without choking up, creating a scene of emotions that will never be forgotten.

But fast forward 11 days to Thursday, and the hypothetical question from father to son actually played out as the Cowboys welcomed their newest rookies to the team for the start of a two-day minicamp on Friday.

"We actually rode up here together today," Deuce Vaughn said of his dad. "He dropped me off at the hotel. As I get acclimated to stuff, he'll be up here to help me with whatever I need. It's pretty cool."

And the drive coming to work was really no different, but filled with a motivational plan on how Deuce will not only start his pro career in Dallas, but be able to stay here for years to come.

"We had our conversations like we always do," he said. "Just talking about exactly what it's going to take to make it at this level and what happens when I walked in there and the hard work it takes to make this team and to be successful."

Vaughn is one of eight draft picks, along with 13 other undrafted rookies to attend the minicamp on Friday and Saturday at The Star. The rookies were able to get fitted for their helmets, try on other equipment and meet with the medical team in preparation for the on-field activities.

While there is only one practice scheduled, Vaughn said he's looking at a bigger picture when asked what he wants to accomplish over the next few days.

"I just want to get to know the rookie class and get to the know the guys that I'll be working with the next couple of months," Vaughn said. "Gain the respect from the coaches inside this building and gain the foundation of this playbook from the special teams to the offense. When it's time to go to OTAs, I'll be able to go out there and play fast."

With a name like "Deuce," he obviously would've preferred to wear his college jersey number of 22 or even No. 2, which is issued to Jourdan Lewis. Vaughn certainly understands why Emmitt Smith's number won't be given out to anyone.

"When you've got the all-time leading rusher right here in this building, yeah, there's no say in that," said Vaughn, who will wear No . 42 this weekend. "If there's a chance to change, I might do that. But right now, it's pretty cool. Jackie Robinson … Forty-deuce. I'm just happy to have (a number) and I'm ready to work."

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