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Offseason | 2021

Diggs Learning From Both Of His "Big Brothers"


FRISCO, Texas – Trevon Diggs was thrown into NFL action at the beginning of last season as a second-round pick. The cornerback had to start 12 games, including the season opener.

By the end of the season, it was clear that Diggs was one of the defensive keys to the Cowboys future, and he did it all with a rookie offseason hampered by COVID-19 restrictions.

So, to Diggs, this week's OTAs are a refreshing dose of team-centered offseason preparation.

"This is all new to me," Diggs said of getting to practice and do drills with nearly all of his teammates on the field. "It's actually a blessing. I'm really enjoying it."

Diggs had three interceptions as a rookie, but he said that there's no aspect of his game that doesn't need to improve from his rookie year to his sophomore year in the NFL.

"There's something I need to work on every day," Diggs said on Tuesday.

These OTA workouts are opportunities for Diggs to line up against receivers like fellow second-year player CeeDee Lamb. That might sound like a juicy matchup to Cowboys fans, but it won't be the first time this offseason that Diggs has faced up against top-tier NFL talent. After taking a few weeks of rest when the regular season ended, Diggs began working out at House of Athlete, former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall's training facility in Weston, Florida.

Diggs called the facility a "great vibe" and is frequented by plenty of current and ex-NFL players. "A lot of people who have been there before and can kind of teach you the ropes and tell you a few things about the NFL," Diggs said of the atmosphere. "A bunch of hard workers there. I felt like that prepared me and kept me around good energy."

Asked who he matched up with at House of Athlete that helped him get better, Diggs was quick to respond with his older brother, Stefon, who just so happened to lead the NFL in receiving yards in 2020.

"Going against my brother every day and seeing him [made me better]," Diggs said. "Watching how he works is rubbing off on me."

Someday Trevon might match up against his older brother in an NFL game, but it's unlikely the Bills will be parting ways with Stefon anytime soon, so Diggs actually looked elsewhere for mentorship within his own locker room: Veteran cornerback Anthony Brown.

"That's like my big brother," Diggs said of Brown. "I go over to his house. He's a really good influence on my career. I ask him questions all the time. It's good to have a good vet in your corner that you can talk to.

Brown's adaptability, attitude, and now apparently leadership has been a clear reason the Cowboys have kept him on the team after drafting him in 2016. Now, it appears to be paying off with one of their young players who the Cowboys need to put in the best possible situation to succeed. Whether it's his real older brother in the offseason, or Brown during the season, it's clear that the young cornerback is listening to the right people.

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